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About US

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Who We Are

The Firm

SHINA capital has its roots as a micro finance institution specializing in infrastructure development and financing.

The company was an early innovator in project financing in Kenya and the region, by being one of the first companies to offer alternative financing for infrastructure projects in the region with a focus on infrastructure development and renewable energy, breaking the stranglehold of the banking industry.

At its height, the company boosted of being the Centre for Offshore Financing and Investments for projects with huge financial requirement in Africa, financing projects to a tune of USD 100 million.

A rich legacy of connecting clients with huge financial projects in Africa with project financiers and investors worldwide, coupled with domain expertise in project financing informed a pivot towards private equity, asset management and risk management.

We believe that our deep experience in project financing, accumulated knowledge about the regional market, and the technical expertise of team members gives us unique insights into the regional industries and companies, which gives us an edge in managing our clients’ investments. The Fund will carefully identify and selectively pursue investments that meet its criteria.

The principal members of the Fund have extensive and proven track record in the areas of fund management and fiscal responsibility, as well as development, acquisitions and financing of investments on a large and small scale through Sub- Saharan Africa; in the infrastructure, renewable energy, IT and telecommunication sectors. Investors can be confident that their funds will be deployed prudently to our pipeline of carefully, researched projects and assets.

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our Mission

Values And Mission

The Right Blend Of Expertise And Market Knowledge;

SHINA Capital provides its clients with valuable strategic, financial, technical and commercial advice, capitalizing on the deep knowledge of its team in a wide range of sectors. Moreover, SHINA Capital’s extensive network of commercial relationships offers clients access to an even broader range of expertise and potential partnerships



Strategic Partnership

SHINA Capital is neither an interventionist nor a silent shareholder. Drawing on the breadth of competencies within the firm and its global network, SHINA Capital creates value through close and active supervision of its investments and through reinforcing the management of its portfolio companies when needed.



Confidence In Independence

SHINA Capital’s independent shareholding and management structure, which is not tied to any bank or industrial group, offers unique safeguards against conflicts of interest. Independence from other financial institutions allows SHINA Capital to tap all possible funding sources in order to negotiate the best possible financial conditions on behalf of its portfolio companies.

An Ethical Approach To Investing

Due to the sensitive nature of its work, SHINA Capital and its partners are bound by a strict code of conduct and high ethical standards, particularly in terms of confidentiality. The firm expects the same high ethical standards from its investee companies. By working with its portfolio companies to improve their environmental and social performance.