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Our Impacts


SHINA Capital  has developed a model that will generate high financial, social and environmental returns from cash investments by securing rights through its three-fold strategy:

  • The Fund Manager team will identify commercially viable projects in the Infrastructure, IT, Telecommunications and clean energy sectors, that have been developed to a point where they can be acquired for a reasonable price or have stalled, whether for lack of development experience or lack of funds.
  • SHINA Capital will invest in established businesses within the Infrastructure, IT, Telecommunications and clean and renewable energy sectors that are looking to expand or that require financing to implement a new strategy or that are being sold or divested.
  • SHINA Capital will endeavor to ensure that its investments are broad-based and have a positive impact on the communities and environment around them
  • SHINA Capital then provides equity or quasi equity financing but more importantly uses its team, network and experience to develop the projects to a bankable state.

The Project Model allows early partial exit opportunities and, thus, the ability to extract development capital quickly and efficiently through fees and sale of equity. It also allows the Fund to retain equity stakes in the project companies, thus offering long term annuity streams to its pension fund investors.