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Our Businesses

SHINA CAPITAL offers a wide range of solutions for its clients, while shaping and developing concepts based on their own characteristics and needs


Wealth management is one of core business areas of the company. Wealth protection and growth are our clientele’s main goals, and these become our own. These are achieved by monitoring and analyzing the constant changes on the global economic markets, the regional markets and the rules that regulate them. Once we have agreed upon expectations and objectives with our clients, we get to work by developing the most effective asset management strategy. The strategy adopted will depend on the desired risk tolerance level, calculated on specific and diversified needs in a constantly changing scenario.


For our clients we design and create tailor-made solutions for investing in the private equity and venture capital markets, and by setting up bespoke investment vehicles, securitizations, and club deal operations. The Fund will carefully identify and selectively pursue investments that meet its criteria, with a focus on Infrastructure, IT, Telecommunications and clean and renewable energy sectors. The fund will also maximize returns to its investors by helping companies realize their growth potential, by uncovering and unlocking value through identifying great companies with untapped potential and enhancing their performance.


Risk is an intrinsic component of any investment, but the correct evaluation and management of risk means that every investment action can be planned in a safer and more conscious way. Today there is no such thing as merely hedging portfolio risk, as this activity has spread to all fields of action, whether in the operationally in enterprise management or in each and every asset in the portfolio. For us it is important to know how to approach all situations and present the client with a comprehensive scenario.